RSPCA works with the Government, other Tasmanian Animal Welfare Groups, and other stakeholders to help create up-to-date and effective laws to deter animal cruelty within the State. We’ve always been an independent, not for profit charity. We rely on donations from the public and local businesses, as well as income from any work that we carry out through our Animal Care Centre, Adoption Retail Centres or work that our Inspectorate does for the State Government, to carry out its role. Our purpose is to create and support meaningful connections by enhancing the lives of companion animals and the people in our community who love them. Our vision is to be the leading authority in animal care and protection.

The RSPCA and Crewmen will be working together on state-wide events which are aimed at raising awareness for neglected animals. In addition, the RSPCA will also be offering Crewmen members unique opportunities to work with and for neglected animals.

The RSPCA works non-stop to defend the dignity of animals, while fighting to prevent animal cruelty. Help animals in need find loving forever homes and we advocate for the humane treatment of all living creatures.