A social connection
app that brings
mates together

Real mates. Real life. Real good.

Championing the health and wellbeing of men.

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Create and send your own callouts to catch up with Crewmen, search for other member callouts and find out about Crewmen events.


Discuss upcoming callouts and events with the Crewmen that are attending them and start making connections with like-minded mates.


The information you provide in your profile set up will be used to suggest callouts and events in your area that match those criteria.


Be part of a growing network of mates who are non-judgemental, respectful of each other’s experiences, values and qualities, and are there to support Crewmen through the ups and downs of life.

Get Involved

Participate in Crewmen events, get involved in our community outreach programs and fundraising projects, and be the best men we can be.


Crewmen will be operational all around Australia, so you can be sure that you will always be able to make mates, even when interstate.

“Crewman is a tool that provides inspiration, fulfilment and more mates to do things with. Mates that will make a meaningful difference in your life and provide a support network of Crewmen you can count on.”
Guy Thompson, CEO & Founder

“25% of 30 to 65-year-old men had no-one outside their immediate family they felt they could rely on.”
Beyond Blue, 2021


Crewmen is here to help, so we’ve gathered a base of resources to assist in a range of different areas, to help you become the best man you can be.